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Agrahara Insurance scheme was introduced by the Ministry of Public Administration Circular No: 5 /1997 and this scheme was under National Insurance Trust Fund from 1st of January 2006. Early stages we had a large number of claims, received from Sri Lanka Insurance and by now we have cleared the arrears and running smoothly.

The main idea of this "Agrahara" medical insurance scheme is to uplift the living standards of the public service and provincial public service and their families. Therefore we have taken steps to expedite all claims received by us as early as possible.

We have implemented a new system to expedite the claims as early as possible. If we receive any claim with all the necessary requirements arrangements have being made to Pay these Claims immediately.

To Whom

The NITF cater to nearly Seven Hundred Thousand public servants and their dependents. We pay for all Medical(Hospitalizations, Childbirth, Various Operations, Bypass Operations, Spectacles and etc) , Accidents and Death claims submitted to us by them.

Beneficiaries :-

  • Married Employees - Member, Spouse and Children (only if they are unmarried, unemployed and below 21years old)
  • Unmarried Employees - Member, Parents (only if the parents below 70 years old)


Benefits are as per the circular published by Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs. Download the Circular

Also you can visit the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs website by

Claim Procedure

The claims have to be received to NITF within 90 days from discharge date from the hospital or the purchase date of the spectacles or date of the death. The application should be clearly filled according to the instructions given in the application form and it is required that the application form be certified by the head of the department. In addition the claimant should submit all the required original documents regarding the sickness with the application form.

In case, if the Insured has claimed from another insurance company, it is a must that they submit a letter from that particular company mentioning the amount that they have paid to the claimant with certified copies of bills.

More Information

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